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Reviewer: Richard 2929

Review: I wouldnt use Sabrina Luv if I where you. She is very rude, if you don’t follow her screening process to a “T” she will blow up your phone with angry text! And on top of that she will send you endless text telling you how bad you are for not following those rules. If you get the chance go somewhere else not worth the trouble, you’ve been warned!

Response From Sabrina:

Hello “Richard”,

I wanted to reach out and apologize for the experience you had with me.This is not typical of me to be rude to Potential Clients. You See, There aren’t many client who find it difficult to Pay Attention, Follow Instructions & Provide The Details That i have asked when contacting me.

I feel that your review is important enough to help others understand what could or might happen. So again Thank You for your kind feedback. This will hopefully help others to understand the important part of my screening process. 

Paying Attention & Following instruction & Most Of All, Providing Details.

Just as Respect, Trust, & Honesty. 

I hope you truly do take all this under consideration, The next time you decide to contact me.Thank you for Pointing out what others failed to do in the past.

Once again, Respect, Trust, & Honesty

Goes Both way.  

Sabrina Luv 

Reviewer: JD

Review: Our first couples FBSM……amazing!

Miss Sabrina was very kind , professional, down to earth, made both of us feel very comfortable. With the weight of the world on your shoulders, Nice to be able to fully relax. We will be back !  


Reviewer: 2of_kind

Review: I recently made my first appointment for a couple’s session (with my wife) and Ms. Sabrina. My wife and I both have stressful jobs and often enjoy couples’ massage sessions to relax. However, this was a first with a FBSM therapist and it was important to me that my wife was made to feel comfortable. Ms. Sabrina is a natural at making people feel comfortable and at ease. I was so pleased with how Ms. Sabrina engaged and encouraged my wife while demonstrating several techniques. We both greatly enjoyed our session, and I was extremely appreciative of Ms. Sabrina kindness and generosity (she was even kind enough to get my wife a gift). Thank you, Ms. Sabrina!

Reviewer: Jason

Review: Sabrina has famous and unforgettable hands!! The way she rubs my back is like an angel and I will never forget the first time I saw her! Thank you Sabrina for being so amazing and dedicated to what you do! My back has never felt so relaxed after our session! You truly know what your doing! Like no other

Reviewer: Richard

Review: Ok so those of you that have had the opportunity to meet Miss Sabrina, this will not come as a surprise to you. After clearing a few hurdles, today I had the very good fortune to allow this most wonderful lady, provide her magical massage service. It was just what the doctor ordered: relaxing, soothing, comfortable, classy, sensual and of course very worth the front end work needed to get to her. Her innate ability to find the pressure on the right location is beyond approach. Even though she is located some 135 miles away, time will be found to explore her talents again. Thank you Miss Sabrina. Xoxo

Reviewer: LadiBuildErOwn

Review: My boyfriend and I scheduled a COUPLES FBSM with Sabrina. Sabrina and I had several text chats throughout the week to get to know each other a little, get some of my questions answered, and just develop a rapport with each other. When we arrived at her studio for our session, her studio was set up with beautiful lighting, candles, and music. We chatted for a few minutes over a glass of wine and then she started on my massage while my boyfriend watched. Sabrina was great about having my boyfriend participate (and me when it was his turn) in giving the massage. She encouraged he and I to express ourselves with each other to the extent we were comfortable (we were definately ok with that). Although we were a little nervous at first, Sabrina made us extremely comfortable in her presence, and we ended up having a way better time than we imagined. As a female it is very liberating to be able to express yourself freely without judgement and shame, so this was a very positive experience for me. By the way, pictures of her eyes don’t do her justice 😉


Reviewer: 1GudGentle-Man

Review: This was my first time seeing Miss Sabrina and I honestly did not know what to expect. I was surprised by the level of comfort and ease she enabled from the beginning. What stood out most was the degree of sincerity and personal touch she conducts herself with. I have an incredibly stressful job and this session truly helped relax me. She genuinely is like no other masseuse I have met.  

Just be respectful, follow the rules and relax…

Reviewer: TRAY

Review: Hello world and of course Miss Luv. 

This woman and her amazing body and techniques are beyond me. The first time I went to see her I was nervous of course. So I didn’t ever relax fully but yet still had a wonderful time.

But the second time I was ready to relax and be comfortable. She welcomed me in and greeted me and remembered what we talked about as if it was yesterday. Which help me relax even more. We talked we laughed during our session it was great. I relax so much my body felt like “JELLY”!!! Its was amazing

Guys don’t waste your time with anyone else this is the BEST MISS LUV. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER AGAIN!!!!

Reviewer: Vinay

Review: It was really good experience with ms Sabrina best massage in town

Reviewer: Jaysin

Review: I have seen Ms. Luv a few times now and I have to say that every time was better than the last. Sabrina is an amazing human being and I feel very fortunate to have met her and to have spent time with her. She has an amazing personality and just a joy to be in her presence. She is very kind and nurturing and her bodywork skills are unmatched and so unique that I highly doubt you will find anybody else as well rounded and gifted as she is. It has been a few months since I have seen her but I plan to see her again real soon.

Guys, I highly recommend this lady for all your bodywork needs. Please be kind to her, be respectful and a gentleman, and above all else FOLLOW her rules and you will have an amazing time and a truly euphoric experience that is sure to blow your mind.

Sabrina, thanks so much for the experiences we have had together in the past and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Reviewer: Josh

Review: Am absolutely wonderful experience with a wonderful lady!! Miss Sabrina Luv is an absolute joy to be around. She creates a safe, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and delivers an experience that relaxes the body and mind! Miss Sabrina Luv is an absolute gem!

Reviewer: Jim

Review: It was a really good experience, I was experiencing some neck pain and she helped it out. Very patient and enjoyable to be around. Thanks Sabrina.

Reviewer: Bosspronto

Review: The reviews are real she is a one of a kind. Very nice and funny. Makes you very relaxed and comfortable. Definitely recommend and will be going back. She’s awesome

Reviewer: Steve

Review: After much anticipation I was rewarded with an exceptional experience. Ms Luv is a model provider and probably could teach a course in bodywork about how to conduct yourself and what to expect. Once we got past the screening process and finally met up, i was welcomed with a warm hug and big smile. Ms Luv goes the extra mile and makes comfort a premium, from choosing a nice/clean hotel and a comfortable massage table, she doesnt cut corners. She is very engaging and seems genuinely interested in connecting on a human level, she simply enjoys her job and is in no rush. I had never tried massage like this before but i enjoyed it thoroughly, I highly recommend Ms Luv and her services. She definitely won’t dissapoint!

Reviewer: SW

Review: Get ready for the most unique, enjoyable, fantasy massage experience you’ve ever had. Part ballerina, seductress , gymnast, and of course CMT, Sabrina is above all a powerful yet sensitive woman -in-charge, yet submissive to your needs and wants. It’s a grand show and on top of everything, she’s a beautiful woman, inside and out, that is easy to fall in love with and converse with.  Her incall is a professional spa-like setting they immediately puts you in the mood. The right mood. She uses wonderful oils, lotions, and aromas, to add to this exquisite experience that goes by all too fast. Then there’s the mirrors. I’ll say no more. 🙂 In all, this is an experience that is unmatched and my only regret is I don’t live closer to her.  

Sabrina, you’re the best in so many ways and I cannot wait to get back on your table and gaze into your beautiful eyes.

Reviewer: James M

Review: There are a few things every man deserves at least once in his life and a session with Sabrina is right at the top of that list. How does one describe a session with her…it would be like trying to describe a sunset to a blind man….words are completely inadequate. Sabrina is a master at her craft, a true artist with skills beyond compare. She dances on your body with her tools and brings you to a level of relaxation that is purely sublime. Treat yourself to some time with her, you will be glad you did. I’ll be back….

Reviewer: OceanEleventh

Review: I don’t remember the exact date of the last visit, but I remember each detail vividly. I cannot recommend Sabrina enough. She takes care of her clients. She is sweet and understanding. Please, do yourself a favor, and see her!

Reviewer: VincPrice

Review: Wow.. that’s all that comes to mind after my very first encounter with Sabrina. Her smile/beauty and her aura are next level! If you’re on the fence about this, trust me just do it you won’t regret it at all! I was a little nervous at first but she made me feel very comfortable right away. Just the way she set the mood with the music and candles alone helped me relax. All the weeks stress and drama went away and I was simply in heaven.. the only thing I regret is not booking a longer time with her! I had the best sleep in a long time and woke up feeling amazing. I will mos def be booking her again. If you treat her with respect and follow her rules she’ll treat you like a King. She’s a master of her craft! 11/10

Reviewer: Califkid

Review: I have had multiple sessions with this lovely lady and I have never been disappointed. Sabrina is ,and has been every time, absolutely amazing. Not only is she a very sexy and beautiful lady, her session is to die for. You will leave on cloud nine. I feel she goes the extra mile to connect with you and she loves her clients. If you treat her with the kindness and respect she deserves, you will be treated like a king

I will definitely continue to see her every chance I get. Sabrina is definitely one of the best FBSM I have ever had. She is a very unique and beautiful lady who loves what she does.

Please be respectful and follow her simple instructions and you will be in heaven soon.

Reviewer: Mr. Classy M

Review: The reviews are correct!! Pictures are real, but real life is much better. You can see the Italian goddess in the captivating beauty of her face. Best massage I have ever had.  Knots all gone, relaxed, refreshed, stress removed. Her FBSM techniques are second to none. At the end I didn’t want to move and lose the ecstasy I was experiencing. Conversation was enjoyable. Hopefully this Beautiful lady will see me again. She needs 10 stars. Highly recommend this superb massage therapist.

Reviewer: sw8tluvin

Review: Such an amazing experience! Really got me to relax after a long week of work. Such a sweetheart

Reviewer: Rob.gut32

Review: Everyone definitely needs to experience this very rare form of pleasure. I always enjoy a massage but this one blows those out of the water. It’s not a routine she doesn’t go thru the motions like some of the ladies do. Her smiles is always captivating and to die for. I went in stiff and she loosened up the knots I had. She makes sure that you are comfortable at all times checking on you asking if the room temperature is ok, more or less massage oil, if the massage pressure is right etc. Don’t expect a provider experience she delivers a much classier experience that will leave you smiling. Not FS but so worth it smiles for days

Reviewer: JWalker

Review: Very relaxing atmosphere and excellent service. Sabrina is extremely nice and welcoming. Definitely something to experience.

Reviewer: ValleyScott

Review: Miss Sabrina redefines the concept of “body work”. Her mix of various styles of massage, pressure points, and stretching create a unique and wonderful experience for the body. Add to that the wonderful atmosphere she creates & her amazing personality and you get the perfect session. She is truly a Goddess of Touch! I count myself blessed to be her client and her friend. I’ve seen her many times and can’t wait to spend time with her again.

Reviewer: Cisco

Review: Out of this world experience!
Let’s see, where shall I start.
Let me start off by saying this about this wonderful lady: Sabrina is one a of a kind! She excels where others fail. Without doubt. Her reviews are real as I experience her service first hand.
She gets respect because she expects and demands it, As all girls should.
She is unlike other providers in more ways than one. She remembers a lot of details that would probably forget if our roles were reversed.
She does what she does really well using a approach that is dissimilar to any other FBSM/ experience I’ve had overall.
She beams positive energy. She is pleasant, sweet, generous, and comforting.
Now let me get started with a small description of this goddess. 
The way Sabrina uses her body to stimulate, caress and manipulate every muscle in me. My mind was spinning from such a deep yet gentle and sensuous touch. I wish I could describe her work of art. But it’s beyond the written description.
This wonderful pearl is a one of a kind. This is an experience that is a must try.
Sabrina sure makes you feels more than just a client. You need to see her! 
Sabrina you are such a doll, thank you for taking the time to make me feel like someone important.
Fella’s listen up!
There have been rumors going around about sabrina being a rob, It’s not true.
She is the most kind hearted person I have ever met. She gives her all, just to make sure you feel comfortable. 
Sabrina takes her time to make you feel important. Something that most providers won’t do.  
Someone of her class would never put so much effort on setting up her incall as well as she does.
Those who have session, know the perfection in details she sets. All I have to say is, don’t believe what other don’t know. 
I first hand can vouch for this wonderful, pleasant FSBM Lady. 
Sabrina, you’ve shown me a different world that this industry has to offer.
Thank You! for showing me how to be open minded, learn to accept and receive all who’s willing to show me.
Your skills are beyond any description. 
Listen here gentlemen! If you choose to meet this wonderful goddess and her amazing talent, follow her rules, be respectful, follow all details in her ad.
She don’t play around and takes what she does very seriously. 
Thanks Sabrina

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